“I just had an adjustment today and it was amazing! Out of all the places I’ve been Dr. Sather is the best. I’ve been going here for a while now and will always go here as long as I live in the area. He is both really good at what he does and is very friendly. Every time you go you will have a friendly conversation.”
Noah M.

“Dr. J is a miracle worker. After my back injury three years ago I thought I would never be the same. I was very uneasy to see a Chiropractor for back pain, but after seeing Jeff I went from being in so much pain to be able to have my active life back. Jeff is always following up on how I am doing and making sure I am getting in to see him. I recommend him to my family and friends. Dr. Jeff and his staff are a pleasure to see when you’re in pain!”
A Google User

“I don’t like going to any kind of doctor or dentist or any of that kind of thing but Dr J provides a great service in a friendly environment. And I actually look forward to my appointments. Jeff has helped me out numerous times with an assortment of body troubles. Thanks for being in Bellingham Dr. J.”
A Google User

“I have been going to Dr. Jeff since 2000… Having had back problems for years I was glad to find Jeff as his work got me through one of the worst periods in my life… I could not walk for almost 3 months… He got me back on my feet and I still go to him with any discomfort… Jeff’s follow-up work about how I am progressing is a great support system. I recommend him to everyone I know that has back issues… Great Dr. and staff… It is always a pleasure (fun) to go see him.”

“He is great. I am feeling better with every passing visit.”
Maureen S.

“I’ve had more than my share of injuries, accidents, surgeries, and pain-reducing prescriptions over the years due to my VERY active lifestyle and occupation choices. But since I started to visit Dr. Jeff regularly, I am now prescription-free, and last year my total medical costs (other than chiropractic) were ZERO! Without Dr. Jeff’s chiropractic care, I would not be able to function. Thank you, Dr. J.”
Glen E.

“Great adjustments, are taking care of a lot of pain I’ve had in my shoulder and neck for over a year”
Jacob B.

“Dr. Sather approaches his chiropractic practice with years of experience and expertise. He knows what he’s talking about and is able to effectively communicate that to his patients. As a college athlete, Dr. Sather was and still is helping rehabilitate me to get back to competitive performance.”

“I first went to a chiro at 16 after a back injury causing my disks to be displaced. My chiro said I had the back issues of a 30-year-old with three children. As you can imagine when I found out I was pregnant last fall I was eager to find a chiro in Bellingham. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy with minimal back pain. I couldn’t have done so without Dr. J!”
Nicole R.

“Dr. Jeff Sather is a very caring and professional chiropractor who is very effective at helping people. I highly recommend visiting him for all your chiropractic needs.”
Coleen B.

“Driving a truck takes a toll on my body. Dr. Jeffrey keeps me tuned up so I can be at my best.”
Gordy S.

“I used to have bad neck pains and headaches, 1 don’t anymore. Dr. Jeffrey is a real lifesaver.”
Debbie D.

“I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors but doctor J is my favorite. He really listens to me and helps me where I’m comfortable. They’re also very flexible with my schedule which is SO helpful!”
Eryn K.